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Follow me Instagram for more news and also behind the scenes. During the COVID-19 crisis I’m selling the presets package for 3$, the money left will be utilised to pay my bills and rent because I’ve had all my jobs canceled for the upcoming months. 12 Lightroom presets especially made for Fujifilm X-Series cameras. Those presets also work for other camera manufacturers (however you won’t receive the candy Fujifilm movie simulations like Classic chrome and ACROS). Check the illustrations below to find every preset effects. Filled with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Classic CC and also Lightroom CC. What the package includes:12 presets (10 colour ones and two black and white)12 Tone curves which may be applied separatelyA Lightroom Classic CC catalog10 RAW filesA how-to guideWith this package you will not just buy 12 presets but also a way to learn about how I edit my documents, by looking at the Lightroom catalog you’ll get a summary of my global and local edits. You will find more articles and tutorials on my blog. You could even follow me Instagram. Ice blue – looking up the shadows and the blacks, increases clarity, reduces vibrance a little and tones down the blue saturation. It provides a beautiful washed out appearance to your winter shots. Best utilized in bright daylight. Urban, Portugal – Tweaks each of the colors to make them pop up, specially the crimson, Lightroom Fujifilm Presets it cyan and purple ones. It raises vibrance and opens up the shadows. It is a perfect foundation for your vacations photos. Best used on sunny days, while ingesting a Francesinha on a terrace in Porto. Urban, London – Reduce comparison, reduce the white line and highlights, raises clarity and tweak some colors. It brings out the facts in the shadow when staying very subtle. Tones are all dull. Greatest utilized for urban shots during overcast day or using low contrast pictures. Urban, Berlin – Gives a blueish colour to the shadows, increases the clarity and bring out the facts in your images. It has an incredibly analog sense that’s ideal for road and older buildings. Best utilized in Berlin while ingesting a two euro kebab and drinking a Club-mate. Urban, Faded blue – looking a subtle movie look by using a inverse haze removal and split toning. Apply a specific tone to lift both the shadows and make them blueish. Best utilized for urban pictures, using bright sunshine and a lot of contrast (great number of shadows region ) or to get road portraits. To tweak it further, change the preferences at the split toning panel and attempt various different white balance. In addition, it add grain. Industrial 01 – Apply a Traditional chrome movie simulation, tweak the Main colors, bring down the snowy stage, reduces open and highlights the shadows

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