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Which Imprint Method Should You Use For Your Promotional Products?

Considering the impact that promotional products have on enhancing brand visibility, their importance can never be overemphasized. After deciding to include this strategy in your marketing plan, the biggest hurdle is choosing a suitable imprint method. What is the difference between laser and screen printing? Should you go for embossing or debossing? If you are at this point, here is a quick guide that will help you make the right decision.

Screen printing

It is a budget-friendly technique and quite attractive. It is suitable for apparel and best for solid and brightly colored logos. The process is easy to follow. First, you burn your preferred design onto a fine mesh screen for every color you want to have in the final print. Then, you apply ink to all the screens, and then pressed through the small mesh to your product, coat by coat. Promotional Products

Laser engraving

If you want your logos to be more durable and not to peel off, laser engraving is the most suitable technique. The process leaves sharp and extremely clear logos. It is also simple, comfortable and clean. You will not require ink since the logos are programmed in a laser software, and the device does the rest of the work. If you wish, you can try oxidation which makes your printouts more colourful.

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Heat transfer

The process works in the same way as how one irons a shirt. Heat transfer printers utilize intense heat to imprint a design on a promotional product. The image is first printed on a sheet of fusible substance then applied the final product looks crispy and clean. It works best with designs that have faded edges so as to blend well on the product.


If you wish to texturize your logo or design, then embroidery is the way to go. It works best with cloth products, and more so, corporate apparel. During the embroidery process, the design is changed into a digital image then stitched on the promotional products. The method is excellent for fine prints.

Debossing/ Embossing

Embossing and debossing yields a 3-D element. For both procedures, dies in the shape of your design or logo are made of metal sheets. The promotional product is then placed between them and pressure as well as heat pushes them from the metal layer into the design you desire. As for embossing, the image seems to rise from the product while for debossing the image pushes into the product. If you wish, you can add color to the design.

What are the best items to use as promotional products?

When considering products to use to market your brand, you need to consider the activities your business carries out. Your budget is also a major consideration. However, most companies opt for:

  • Bags such as purses and backpacks
  • Clothing such as hats, t-shirts, gloves, caps, sweatbands and socks
  • Stationary such as rulers, pens, erasers and pencils
  • Desk accessories such ad calendar, glass and mugs

Know your niche

Remember that your promotional product will make little sense unless it meets your target market’s demands. For instance, desk accessories are suitable for corporate niches. Caps and t-shirts are good for fitness brands. Remember not to make your product seem ‘over branded.’

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