Using Promotional Products

Using Promotional Products to Bring Awareness to Your Brand

The use of different types of promotional products can work well to get your brand name out to people in many different groups. When ordering and using these types of products, it’s important to consider demographics and where the product will be used. Different promotional products work for different situations and the type of environment in which you wish to promote your brand is essential when deciding which promotional products you want to use. The following are some ideas of products and scenarios in which these products can prove useful to make potential customers aware of your brand name and your products or services.

Fitness Events
Marathons, 5K events, and other fitness-based activities can offer a great way to promote your brand through promotional products with your company name on it. One of the best products to use in this scenario is bottled water labeled with your brand and basic product information. You can set up a table with free bottles of water for participants to enjoy and many will notice the name on the bottle and consider using your brand in the future because your appearance at the event shows that your company shares similar interests. For those who wish to be more environmentally friendly, you can use reusable water bottles with your logo and basic brand information. Promotional Products

Kid-Friendly Venues
Kids are always happy to get free stuff and if it’s something they’re interested in, they’ll likely talk to their parents about it. Using promotional products at events that cater to children and families is most beneficial to companies that sell products or services that families will be interested in. Promotional products like balloons, sunglasses, or Frisbees come in bright colors and will draw the attention of children, in turn getting the attention of parents who will be the ones to potentially buy your product or service. If it’s in the budget, a kid-friendly snack in a package with your brand’s name on it will also be a hit, anything from candy, cookies, chips, or juice will work well among the younger crowd.

Indoor Events with Students or Professionals
It can be a great idea to take your promotional products to an event like a college fair, job fair, convention, or other event where people are slowly walking around between booths and tables. When you set up at this type of event, it’s helpful to have items that can be used right away by those who are walking around among the vendors. Pens with your name and website are ideal as people always need something to write with. Small notebooks or sticky pads are also useful and they will be pulled out in the future when people need to jot something down, and inevitably they’ll remember your brand.

Stylus Pens promotional products

When making promotional products, it’s best to stay simple with design and information. Include the basics like brand name and logo if possible, your website or contact info, and in cases where you have extra room a slogan or basic info about your product or service.

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